Correction Quotes

"Anyone nit-picking enough to write a lette...

"Anyone nit-picking enough to write a letter of correction to an editor doubtless deserves the error that provoked it." — Alvin Toffler
📅︎ Jan 18
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"Correction does much, bu...

"Correction does much, but encouragement does more." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
📅︎ Dec 13
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“No matter who we are, we mu...

“No matter who we are, we must accept correction and change for better.” – Mufti Ismail Menk
📅︎ Sep 01
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Correction: this is a...

Correction: this is a bad idea with good possibilities. —Mac, The Fades
📅︎ Jul 19
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"Self-correction begins...

"Self-correction begins with self-knowledge." - Baltasar Gracian, philosopher
📅︎ Dec 06
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"The subversion of a bro...

"The subversion of a broken system is called correction." -Coulter Erastus Lane
📅︎ Nov 22
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